Emails & websites are an essential business tool, so it is important to choose a professional and reliable service that helps create the right impression.

Optimised IT can provide everything needed for this, from helping you choose & register a domain name, hosting and managing your online services, and assisting with the design of a professional website.

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Emails & websites are now a massive part of our lives in how we communicate and collaborate. People have moved away from finding businesses in phone books, and instead use online search engines. This means businesses require a professional, reliable website & email service that gives the right impression to customers.

Domain names are the backbone of your online identity (e.g., enabling you to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers. They are a human friendly version of a website or email address, and are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents multiple IP addresses.

When choosing your domain name, you should select a term people will use to search for your site, such as your brand or company name. Having your own domain name enhances your internet image and makes your website easier to remember and search-engine-friendly. With your own interactive website and multiple email addresses, your image and the way you deal with your existing customers is significantly improved. It also helps to promote your website when you’re sending emails as your domain name will be in the email address, and also looks far more professional coming from a personalised domain name.

Hosting is the housing, serving, and maintaining of files for one or more websites. A web server is a computer that is always switched on and connected to the internet. This computer holds one or more web pages and can be found by typing in a domain name (such as When somebody requests a page on this site, your computer finds the appropriate web server and the server sends it to your computer.

Simply put, without a web hosting provider no-one would be able to access your website out on the internet. We specialise in reliable business hosting, understanding that your online communications are essential and mission-critical. A dependable hosting package is vital for businesses to succeed.

Even if you don’t have a requirement for full web hosting, it is still possible to have custom email addresses with your registered domain name with our range of email hosting options. There are also different types of email hosting services available, more information on these can be found on our Email Set Up & Configuration page.

Once you have a domain name and appropriate hosting package, you can create a website and use a professional email address, this will increase consumer confidence in your business.

Domain Names

Fully managed

We can look after the management of your domains and hosting, so that if any changes are required, you know professional help is on hand.

Custom hosting solutions

We have various web hosting packages available which we can tailor to match your requirements exactly.


We understand that uptime is absolutely vital to ensure your orders, bookings, and emails arrive safely, securely and on time, so that you stay online and in business.


Easily upgrade your hosting server so that it can grow with your business as your web traffic increases.

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